(Caracas, 1981) Artist, filmmaker and anthropologist currently living in Barcelona-Spain. Her work embraces the materiality and immateriality of film combining analogue-photochemical and video formats, as single-channel, film performance, and installation.

Influenced by a questioned and insightful relation with the world and the self, her interests encompass the intersection between poetics and politics, and how cinema can explore and transform states of conscience (or confusion), as a useful stimulation for the times we are living -and the times to come-.

Doctor and Master’s degree in Anthropology, she collaborates with national and international universities, film and art institutions, passionately teaching non-ficcion film practices, different approaches to anthropology and ethnographic methodologies for the arts, as well as experimental photochemical laboratory practices. Co-founder of the independent analog film lab Crater-Lab, during the past decade she has devoted to developing and sharing DIY processes for analogue filmmaking.

She has screened her work at relevant festivals and art centers, in Europe, North America and Latin America, such as IFFR Rotterdam Film Festival, Oberhausen IFF, Edinburgh International Film Festival, International Video art festival LOOP, Curtas IFF Belo Horizonte, Museo de Bellas Artes Caracas, Museo de Arte Moderna da Bahia MAM, FID Marseille, Margaret Mead Film Festival, Microscope Gallery NY, Crossroads SF MoMa, among other.

SELECTED Interviews

Siroco Magazine (cine, memoria, huella) ES

Cinemattic (in site into experimental film work “Intertropical vision” & “Back then”) ENG

Cinemateca de Medellin (“Belén”, construcción de un retrato) ES

UOC_ Bajo Tierra ( Xcentric_entrevistada por Gloria Vilches)

Mostra de Films de dones (“Belén”, imaginarios y antropología) ES

Cinema Arts Houston (“Belén”) ENG


Docs Kingdom 2021

La Aceitera 2021 

Centre Arbar 2021

Convent de Sant Agustin 2020

Casa de Lava 2020

Hangar 2020-2021


For the production, artist residency distribution and live screenings of her pieces she has won different grants and financial supports during the past years: Institut Ramón Llull, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y de las Artes de Cataluña, Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía de Venezuela CNAC, fondo Ibermedia, Instituto Cervantes (several countries), Spain and Culture San Francisco,  Beca de Recerca i Creacio Generalitat de Catalunya, Acción Cultural Española ACE, among others.