(Caracas 1981)  is a Venezuelan artist, filmmaker and anthropologist living in Catalunya-Spain . Her film work moves in the realms of non-fiction, experimental filmmaking, influenced by a reflexive, intuitive and responsible relation with the world and the self.

Her film pieces embrace the materiality and immateriality of film combining analogue-photochemical and video formats, as single-channel, film performance, and installation. Interested in the intersection between poetics and politics, and how cinema can explore and transform states of conscience, as a useful stimulation for the times we are living and the times to come.

Doctor and Master’s degree in Anthropology (Universidad de Barcelona), she has developed her artistic work creating a deep relation between anthropological questioning and experimental cinema, both as phenomenological practices. Co-founder of the independent analog film lab Crater-Lab, where she curated more than 30 film programs (2014-2020), other than national and international workshops and artist residencies. During the past decade she has devoted to developing and sharing DIY processes in analogue filmmaking.

She has collaborated with national and international universities, film and art institutions, passionately teaching non-fiction film and experimental photochemical laboratory practices, as well as other approaches to anthropology and ethnographic methodologies for the arts.

She has screened her work at relevant festivals and art centers, in Europe, North America and Latin America, such as IFFR Rotterdam Film Festival, Oberhausen IFF, Edinburgh International Film Festival, International Video art festival LOOP, Museo de Bellas Artes Caracas, La Pedrera (Gaudi), FID Marseille, Margaret Mead Film Festival, Microscope Gallery NY, Crossroads SF MoMa, among other (see screenings).

Currently she is working on her second feature film, as well as the design and founding of “Semilla-Lab”: a multidisciplinary coop, focused on developing social environmental -embodied- consciousness, through regenerative cultures. Embracing the intersection between art, science, technology and spirituality, one of the residency and pedagogic branches of “Semilla-Lab” will include an eco-sustainable analog film lab, dedicated to natural non-toxic and alternative development processes (made with plants from its own community vegie-garden). An inspiring and creative multipolar space, located in the powerful mountain of Montseny-Catalunya.


Siroco Magazine (cine, memoria, huella) ES

Cinemattic (in site into experimental film work “Intertropical vision” & “Back then”) ENG

Cinemateca de Medellin (“Belén”, construcción de un retrato) ES

UOC_ Bajo Tierra ( Xcentric_entrevistada por Gloria Vilches)

Mostra de Films de dones (“Belén”, imaginarios y antropología) ES

Cinema Arts Houston (“Belén”) ENG


Docs Kingdom 2021

La Aceitera 2021 

Centre Arbar 2021

Convent de Sant Agustin 2020

Casa de Lava 2020

Hangar 2020-2021


For the production, artist residency distribution and live screenings of her pieces she has won different grants and financial supports during the past years: Institut Ramón Llull, Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y de las Artes de Cataluña, Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía de Venezuela CNAC, fondo Ibermedia, Instituto Cervantes (several countries), Spain and Culture San Francisco,  Beca de Recerca i Creacio Generalitat de Catalunya, Acción Cultural Española ACE, among others.


Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition, Taiwan 2023 
Dobra Experimental Film Festival, Brazil 2023
Eufonic Fest, Spain 2023
8_albe, Mostra di Arte Contemporanea, Italy 2023
Bòlit, Centre d’art Contemporaneo, Spain 2023
Suspaustaslaikas Experimental film festival, Lithuania 2023
Kasselerdokfest, Germany 2022
Chiquita Room, Spain 2022
L’Alternativa Festival de cinema Independent, Spain 2022
Encuentro en torno a un otro cine, Zineleku ofiziala, Spain 2022
Grec Festival Barcelona, Spain 2022
Temporada Alta, Spain 2022
Inter Art Center, Sweden 2022
Festival LOOP, Spain 2022
Almost Back to the Future Fest, Netherlands 2021
Auditorio de Girona, Spain 2021
Palau de la Música, Spain 2021
Teatre Lliure, Spain 2021
Festival LOOP, La Pedrera, Spain 2021
Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne, France 2021
Analogica Film Festival, Italy 2021
Corriente Encuentro Latinoamericano de No Ficción, Perú 2021
Matadero Madrid, Spain 2021
Temporada Alta, Spain 2021
Doc’s Kingdom, Portugal 2021
VideoEx, Switzerland 2021
La Aceitera, Spain 2021
Festival Grec, Teatro Lliceu, Spain 2021
ARBAR, Spain 2021
Cinemattic, Scottland 2021
Cinemateca de Medellin, Colombia 2021
Muestra America Negra, Brasil 2021
Curtas Vila do conde, Portugal 2020
Platform, Finland 2020
Casa de Lava, Spain 2020
Muta, Peru 2020
MICE Museo do Pobo Galego, Spain 2020
Bienal de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Paraguay-Cuba 2020
MIDBO, Colombia 2020
IFFR International Film Festival, Netherlands 2020
L'Alternativa Festival de Cine Independiente, Spain 2019
Winnipeg Underground Film Festival,Canada 2019
Light Field,USA 2019
Ambulante International Film Fest, Mexico 2019
Festival de cine Creative Commons, Spain 2018
Analogica Exp Film Festival, Italy 2018
Ultracinema Fest. de cine experimental y found footage,México 2018
L'Alternativa Festival de Cine Independiente, Spain 2018
Avant-garde and artists cinema from Latin America,Micro-cinema, USA 2018
Centro Cultural Museo Montehermoso, Spain 2018
Strangloscope Experimental film & video, Brasil 2018
Centro de la Imagen, México 2018
Centro Cultural de España, México 2018
Cineteca Nacional, México 2018
Festival Curtas Vila do Conde, Portugal 2018
Edinburgh Int. Film Festival, Scotland 2018
Festival de Cine Etnográfico MICE, Spain 2018
Crossroads SF Cinemateque and MoMa, USA 2018
Barcelona Creative Commons Film festival, Spain 2018
Oberhausen Int. Short Film Festival, Germany 2018
Process Festival, Letonia 2018
Zumzeig Cinema, España 2018
Fabra i Coats, España 2017
Scratch, Le Studio des Ursullines, France 2017
Festival di Cinema Latinoamericano, Italia 2017
Cinema Arts International Film Festival, USA 2017
Strangloscope Experimental film & video, Brasil 2017
Art Cinema Offoff, Belgium 2017
Festival Riverrun, France 2017
DOCMA/Cineteca, España 2017
Zineleku, España 2017
Klubvizija, Croatia 2017
Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones, España 2017
Macao, UnzaLab, Italia 2017
Exile Room Gallery, Greece 2017
IFFR International Film Festival, Netherlands 2017
Schmalfilmtage Film Fest, Alemania 2017
Mono no Aware X, USA 2016
Márgenes, España 2016
PAF Festival, Prague 2016
FILMAR en América Latina, Suiza 2016
Festival de Cine de Barquisimeto, Venezuela 2016
Caracas Doc, Venezuela 2016
Muestra Internacional Documental de Bogotá MIDBO, Colombia 2016
Margaret Mead Film Festival, USA 2016
Cinemateca Nacional, Red Nacional de cinematecas, Venezuela 2016
Centro de las Artes de San Agustín, México 2016
Centro de Cultura Digital, Cine más allá, México 2016
Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, España 2016
Dobra Experimental Film Festival, Brazil 2016
Curtas Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2016
FIDMarseille, France 2016
RE-MI, Bains Argentics Expanded cinema section, France 2016
Festival LOOP, España 2016
Zumzeig Cinema, España 2016
Cave 12, Switzerland 2015
Oslo 10, Switzerland 2015
Cinema Oblo, Switzerland 2015
Le 102, France 2015
Le Periscope, France 2015
Analogica film Festival, Italia 2015
BIM, Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento, Argentina 2014
Laboratorio Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo), Uruguay 2014
(S8) Mostra Cine Periferico, España 2014
Sonar Festival, España 2014
MEM Festival Internacional de Arte Experimental, España 2013
Antic Teatre, España 2013
When the dreamer dies what happens to the dreams, España 2014
Crater Lab, España 2013
Primavera Sound / Festival LOOP, España 2013
This Is Not A Love Song, Exposición al Palau de la Virreina, España 2013
IV Mostra Súper 8, España 2013
Festival De Prop, La Pedrera, España 2012
Microscope Gallery, USA 2013
FIVAC, Festival Internacional de VideoArte de Camagüey, Cuba 2013
Crossroads International Film Festival, Cinemateque San Francisco, USA 2013
Black Hole Cinemateque, USA 2012
Millenium Film, USA 2012
Ecko Park Film Center, USA 2012
Artist Televisión Acces (ATA Site),USA 2012
ONG Organización Nelson Garrido, Venezuela 2012
ITAE, Instituto Superior de las Artes de Ecuador, Ecuador 2012
Ocho y Medio, Ecuador 2012
MAMB, Museo Arte Moderna da Bahía, Brasil 2012
Rio Teatro Caribe, Venezuela 2012
Can Xalant, España 2011
MBA, Museo Bellas Artes Caracas, Venezuela 2011
Cinemateca Nacional, Venezuela 2011
Centro Cultural Chacao, Venezuela 2011
Festival LOOP, Sala Miscelánea, España 2011
Festival Internacional EUROPES, Barcelona 2010