E/W/A/K (Installation)

Commisioned by Nuno Lisboa. Docs Kingdom. Casa das Artes  (Arcos de Vadevez) 2021

This installation is the exposure of the creative process of E/W/AK, a site specific performance piece created in residency at Doc’s Kingdom (Arcos de Valdevez 2021). Focused on the phenomenological relations between nature (particulary the 5 elements earth, water, air, fire, ether) and cinema, becoming (in its live dimension) a collective ceremony.

The exhibition, that also emerges from the artist residency, digs into the details of the frames that expand the traces of nature, exposing the intimacy of each step that the artist took in order to create the piece.

From the gathering and mapping of geolocalized natural elements, the creation of a 16mm film 122mts long in an improvised dark room, using Man Ray’s rayogram techniques, lab notes, processing recipes, classification of the organic material and its simple beauty, as well as a video documentation of the burring of the film in a 122mts long hole in the ground (earth), hand opened by the artist during the residency.

This installation and performance can be developed in each site where it is invited as a site specific piece.