From the under-exile

Spain / 2020 / 40 min (variable time)

Live performance with 2 x modified 16mm projectors
Electroacustic sound by Alfredo Costa Monteiro.

In what seams a static time, in an apparently empty space, the murmur of a collective memory is revealed between light and shadow. A field of executions, a firing wall, a vibrant land that still breathes in silence the reminiscence of civil war and dictatorship. A moved present, where exhumations are currently being held throughout the Spanish territory. Buried in one of the extended unopened mass graves, the emulsion keeps the traces of a long and deep scar, not only of the landscape but of history.

Screenings & Live performances

Presented as work in progress at L'Alternativa International Film Festival (Barcelona, Nov 2019)
Premiere at IFFR Rotterdam (Jan 2020)

Filmed in 16mm at execution locations and mass graves at Castilla La Mancha (Spain) 2019. With the collaboration of anthropologist Jorge Moreno Andres, based on the research of Mapas de Memoria, and the concept of "subtierro" from F. Ferrandiz (El pasado bajo tierra. Exhumaciones contemporáneas de la guerra civil).

Hand processed, using several solarization technics and contact printed by filmmaker at Crater-Lab (Barcelona). Partially buried in the soil from the mass graves of the province of Ciudad Real and Catalunya region, the emulsion reveals the incidence of time and its own bio-chemical condition.

Supported with a grant from la Generalitat de Catalunya “Recerca i creacio” 2019.