THE ACT OF REMEMBERING. A constellation of observations

2016 / 55min (loop) / 3 or 4 screens. Variable 30 min loops

In the expression of gestures, during what becomes the reunion with her image, who she was is revealed. Belén, the absent. The gaze, the signs, the pauses, are part of their story. It shows what is between people, what is between one memory and another, what is between them and the image they see, what is between them and Belén, between them and me, and now between them and you (viewer).

“Belén” is a film portrait carried out between 2008 and 2016, which started from an ethnographic fieldwork and was completed with the production of a documentary feature film. These are sequences of the shooting that restore the time necessary for the spontaneous memory to manifest itself, that open a new space-time of contemplation-relationship with the story of an absence.


Exhibition at

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Arts Santa Mónica. Barcelona 2016. Programa de congreso internacional AIBR (Antropólogos Iberoamericanos en Red)
Galería Exile Room_Grecia 2017
Cinema Arts Int. Film Festival. Rice Media Center. Houston 2017
Muestra Internacional Documental (Midbo). Sección Documental Expandido. Galería Javeriana. Bogotá 2017