Spain-Venezuela   / 2018 / 16mm optical sound / 5min

Contrary to the standardization of a single hegemonic point of view, the “center” in the tropics is not the whole. It is the starting point of a powerful range of visions. This is a trip into the core of its multiple indomitable condition.

Produced in Crater-Lab (Barcelona) + Optical sound and prints at L'Abominable (Paris)


International short film Festival Oberhausen, Germany. Crossroads 2018 San Francisco Cinemateque SF MoMa, NY USA. Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland. Mostra Int. audio, video/filme e performance experimental Strangloscope, Brasil. Avant-Garde and Artists CInema from Latin America (Curated by Monica Saviron), USA. L'Alternativa Fest. de cine independiente de Barcelona, España. Fest. Ultracinema, Mexico. Cine Esquema Novo, Brasil. Analogica Festival, Italia. Ambulante International Film Fest, Mexico. Light Field Oakland, USA. Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Canada. Syros International Film Festival, Greece. Filmargen, France. Bienal BIAU, Paraguay. Programa Ecología/Economía. Zumzeig Cinema Muestra Internacional de cine Documental de Bogotá, Colombia. Screen Compositions, NY USA. MUTA. Festival internacional de apropiación audiovisual, Perú. CaracasDoc, Venezuela. Casa de Lava, España. Cinemattic, Scotland. Doc’s Kingdom, Portugal. VideoEx, Switzerland. Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne, France.