16mm film installation / 3 x 16mm projectors, loop system, filmed, hand processed and laser printed film.

Adriana Vila Guevara and Britt Al-bulsultan 
Platform Gallery (Vaasa-Finland 2020) 

“Remote Sensing” started as a dialog, surrendered to a physical distance. The relation in between an intimate interior and an inquiring exterior, subjected to a crystalized limitation (private and public), and what its apparent simplicity can reveal. 

The beginning of a creative collaboration in between artists and filmmakers Britt Al-bulsultan (Overmalax-Finland) and Adriana Vila Guevara (Barcelona-Spain), exploring ways to sense what is reflected at far. 

Under Covid condition of not been able to work together in the same place, the creative process itself became a metaphor of what remote sensing intends to be: the achievement of a certain knowledge about an object or phenomenon, without been able to make a direct observation or physical contact. And particularly considering the role of passive sensors, that base on the identification of an energy naturally available: solar radiation as the source of illumination to be sensed, and that can be blocked or conducted by wavelengths that occur in atmospheric windows. 
Far from the pretention of reproducing these concepts, they became a path to question possible exchanges. This is a site specific installation, produced as an approximation to what the gallery windows themselves (at distance) could reveal. A slight evocation of past and present reflections that overexpose in a combination of time/space, night/day, light/shadow, distortion, particles/details, stillness/movement. 

Surveying and capturing what sun reflection exposed, this multiple screen/window piece, was made after a combination of pictures sent back and forth, to be interpreted, assembled, and laser printed on 16mm film, other than filmed and hand processed material that both captured at distance of own windows in relation to each other, creating this triple 16mm projection on Platform’s extended windows.