Spain / 2010 / 16mm digital screening / 8min

Projected as simultaneous overlapping stories, Tejido Conectivo is a film performance that recovers multiple super8, 8mm and 16mm found footage of orphan home movies, focusing on the creative recycling of unknown memories. Making visible the process of projection and manual intervention Tejido Conectivo becomes a celebration of the materiality of cinema and the amateur vision. 

This project has won an artist residency in Can Xalant, a production grant from CoNCA Consell Nacional de las Artes, and a travel support from Institut Ramon llull.

Musicians collaborating live at different venues: Scott Cazan, Tomás Mena, Oriol Sanchez, Quinto Aguacate. 

Tejido conectivo (installation)︎︎︎


FIVAC, Festival Internacional de VideArte de Camaguey, Cuba,2013
CROSSROADS Experimental Film Festival, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2013
ONG Organización Nelson Garrido, Venezuela,2012
Museo Arte Moderna da Bahía, Salvador de Bahía, Brasil, 2012
Ocho y Medio, Quito, Ecuador, 2012
ITAE, Instituto Superior de las Artes de Ecuador, Guayaquil, Ecuador,2012
ONG Organización Nelson Garrido, Venezuela, 2012
Black Hole Cinemateque, Oakland, CA, USA, 2012
Artist Televisión Acces (ATA Site), San Francisco 2012
Ecko Park Film Center, Los Angeles, USA, 2012
Millenium Film, New York, USA, 2012
Museo Bellas Artes Caracas, Venezuela, 2011
Centro Cultural Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela, 2011
Rio Teatro Caribe, Caracas, Venezuela, 2012
Jornadas Can Xalant, Can Xalant, Mataró, 2011
Festival LOOP´11, Sala Miscelanea, Barcelona, 2011