The Knots We Knot (Action)

Site Specific performance created together with Bárbara Sanchez Barroso. Made at ARBAR 2021 Residency at La Vall de Santa Creu (El Port de la Selva) Cap de Creus Natural Park. In the context of the Cicle A + A Simpoiesis

The knots we knot︎︎︎

A collective implementation, apparently simple, delicately demanding and risky, of co-responsibility and generator of kinship. Demanding and moving, gentle and pausing, this action seeks to articulate in an expanded and shared way the game of string figures, making visible certain threads that unite us in between and with.

An action that invites to participate in the application of some theories of Haraway, Despret, Le Guin, Wall Killerer, among others. In a basic exercise of situated, affected and travelled, outstretched interconnectivities.